In today’s economy, real estate is a tough business. It’s one that holds a lot more sellers than buyers, which means demand for homes is at a pretty low low. This equates to more competition between sellers to get to the “hallowed buyer” and demand for homes, apartments, or condos goes way down. I found an interesting article on that gives some pretty good tips on what realtors can do to help their businesses.

Improve Your Pennsylvania Based Real Estate Business

Since the article I found focuses on realtors in PA specifically, let’s look specifically at how people with real estate businesses in the state of Pennsylvania can improve their sales. jt-maloney-real-estate-pa
  1. Expand Your Reach. Tip number one may seem obvious, but we’re going to say it anyway. Since there are less buyers overall, that means there are less buyers per square mile in your area. So go and start trying to advertise and grow your brand in many cities. For example, if you normally put homes for sale in Lehigh Valley PA, try expanding your reach and put sell real estate in Center Valley PA.
  2. Form Relationships. Continuing on the last point, if you know a realtor in Coopersburg then try to leverage a relationship with them. Cover larger areas of the map by forming partnerships. So if your friend over in Coopersburg says “I have a client who may want to buy homes in Center Valley or Lehigh”, then you can get a client via a referral from your network. And if you reciprocate the favor to clients you know who might want to build new construction homes or apartments in their area of selling in Pennsylvania, then you can give him a referral.
  3. Find a Ritual. Get a set of best practices and follow them every day. Allocate a certain amount of time each day growing your network and reaching out to realtors and home sellers in various different towns and counties surrounding you in Pennsylvania, so collectively, you can cover the whole state rather than just a few cities in that state.
Hopefully this article helped & I plan on coming out with many more helpful ones just like it! Until next time!

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